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Photo ID Year MFG Type/Model Size Features
Year: -, MFG: Delta T, Type/Model: AD 4316, Size: -238-Delta TAD 4316-Delta T 2 zone water heater
Year: 1990, MFG: Rapid Air, Type/Model: Motorized Winder Model R25E, Size: -1081990Rapid AirMotorized Winder Model R25E-4 Head, 75 lbs. Width 4" OD 30" Center Mandrel 1.5", 0-50 rpm, Variable Speed Drive Non-powered Interlead Reels, Non-contact Loop Controller
Year: 1990, MFG: Rapid Air, Type/Model: Motorized Winder with Interleaf Model R35FE, Size: -1091990Rapid AirMotorized Winder with Interleaf Model R35FE-Capacity 150 lbs. Width 4" OD 30" Center Mandrel 1.5", speed 0-50 rpm, Powered interleaf winder. 2 available
Year: -, MFG: ThermalCare, Type/Model: Temperature Controller Auto Therm Model RH090803, Size: -111-ThermalCareTemperature Controller Auto Therm Model RH090803-9 KW, 230 Volt
Year: 1993, MFG: Advantage, Type/Model: Temperature Controller Model 6925 41C1X, Size: -981993AdvantageTemperature Controller Model 6925 41C1X-9KW, 460 Volt
Year: -, MFG: Mokon, Type/Model: Temperature Controller Model CC4709-PD, Size: -107-MokonTemperature Controller Model CC4709-PD-3/4 HP, 9 KW, 2 Zones, 460 volt
Year: -, MFG: Tenney, Type/Model: TH/JR Envir Chamber, Size: -137-TenneyTH/JR Envir Chamber-Tenney/thal Chamber, 16"x15", with Vapol F/D Humidifier
Year: -, MFG: Temptek, Type/Model: 1216E, Size: 15HP167-Temptek1216E15HPTemptek Granulator Model 1216E, 15 HP with 12"x16" Opening
Year: -, MFG: Boy, Type/Model: Injection Unit, Size: 22MM126-BoyInjection Unit22MMBoy Injection Unit for a Model 15S or 22S. Unit has Hydraulic Shut Off Nozzle
Year: -, MFG: BLUE m, Type/Model: POM 588C, Size: 24X24248-BLUE mPOM 588C24X24600F 24X24
Year: 1997, MFG: Cumberland, Type/Model: Granulator, Size: 3 HP1571997CumberlandGranulator3 HP1997 Cumberland 7"x 9" 3 HP Granulator, 460 Volt. Several Available
Year: -, MFG: Cumberland, Type/Model: Granulator, Top Load, Size: 3 HP156-CumberlandGranulator, Top Load3 HPCumberland Top Load Granulator, 9"x 9", 3 HP, 230 Volt. Several Available
Year: 2000, MFG: Driair, Type/Model: Arid X 35 hopper dryer, Size: 35 Lbs per Hr1812000DriairArid X 35 hopper dryer35 Lbs per HrDehumidfying Dryer 35 lbs per hr insulated hopper, Hopper loader
Year: -, MFG: BLUE M, Type/Model: MP 366 F, Size: 36 X 36249-BLUE MMP 366 F36 X 36600F WITH ROTATER
Year: -, MFG: Cumberland, Type/Model: Granulator, Size: 5 HP136-CumberlandGranulator5 HPCumberland 8"x12" 5 HP Granulator, 230 volt.
Year: -, MFG: Sherman, Type/Model: Two roll Mill, Size: 6x12201-ShermanTwo roll Mill6x12Two roll rubber Mill
Year: -, MFG: Reliable, Type/Model: Two Roll Rubber Mill, Size: 6x12199-ReliableTwo Roll Rubber Mill6x126x12 Rubber Mill Tow roll coored for fluids
Year: 1994-2003, MFG: Temptek, Type/Model: 1010EM, Size: 7.5 HP1651994-2003Temptek1010EM7.5 HPTempek Model 1010EM, 7.5 HP Granulators with 10"x10" openings. Many available
Year: -, MFG: Reliable, Type/Model: Tow Roll Mill, Size: 8x18200-ReliableTow Roll Mill8x18Tow roll rubber mill cored for cooling
Year: -, MFG: Sterlco, Type/Model: -, Size: 9 KW239-Sterlco-9 KWSingle zone Sterlco 9 KW 230 volts
Year: -, MFG: Sterlco, Type/Model: 2 Zone water Unit, Size: 9 KW ea zone188-Sterlco2 Zone water Unit9 KW ea zoneDuel zone water unit 9 KW ea

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